Wednesday, July 15, 2009

july, unbearable.

it's my uncle's birthday today.
happy birthday kurt.

i bought him a new cd [mastodon's 'break the skye'] as a gift, and i'm hoping that he
a] has heard of the band, doesn't have this cd and ends up liking it.
b] hasn't heard of the band, obviously won't have the cd, and ends up liking it.
c] has the cd, and appreciates that i know how to pick music out for people.

on the off chance he doesn't like it, i went classy on him and gave him the original receipt.
sorry i forgot to ask for a gift receipt, golly.

but i do pride myself on my ability to guess what sort of music a person may or may not like. however, my ability isn't fool-proof, as in the case with my mother, who took a shining to panic! at the disco and now is just as excited as i am to go and see them with chester french, fall out boy [another one of her favorites, right up there with def leppard], and blink-182. [which she claims she's never heard of. i was sickened by that statement, honestly.] it's actually sort of nice, having a parent interested in similar bands as yourself, since concerts are expensive, i am a poor college student who still lives at home, and all i have to do is suffer through a family vacation to mt. rushmore after the said ear orgy. i thought it was a fair deal. i just plan on bringing the laptop and talking ceaslessly about how hot it is out west, and how much i'd rather be, well, not there. i mean, don't families normally take these sort of trips when the children are younger? my sister is 15, and i myself am nearly at the end of my teenage life...maybe we'll be easier to cart around now than if we had been five- and nine-year-olds.

haha, here's to hoping.