Saturday, July 18, 2009

a week ahead

it's better than a week behind.

now that my friend's bachlorette party is next weekend, and not today, i now have a free saturday, minus tonight which is a bonfire at a friend's house.

speaking of bonfires, they seem to be a very staple part of wisconsin, if not just my summer, culture. many times, people have these events solely to get drunk, because obviously fire+booze=gud tiemz. i daresay i disagree, but that's another story for another time. for me, and my little circle, they're more about catching up with one another and maintaining the friendship we had back in high school. also, i think there's something more to these things, these throwbacks to primitive times, when fire was safety and life, that makes you feel a whole lot peace with everything.
as far as i'm concerned, and maybe this is just me, but i find attending a get-together where there will be a fire to be very relaxing, i daresay a sort of 'soul-cleansing' activity. maybe it's just the company, and the fact that i've had this group of friends for a very long time and they know quite a bit about me, since we always tend to share dark secrets when we can't clearly see each other's faces and it's well past midnight. i know it's good to get things off your chest, and usually i have not problem doing that in other ways, like writing or drawing, or talking to a stuffed animal, but it's undeniable that telling secrets to another human being, especially a close one, is a marvelous feeling that truly does make you feel lighter, and much closer to the reciever of your secret.

maybe i'm reading too far into this. i mean, a fire is just another social gathering, meant to bring people together for interaction with no meaning deeper than a 'hello'. but i guess people here are different. maybe just my friends and i are different. fires are more than a social gathering, they're almost like family reunions. we see people we might not have seen in awhile, we reconnect, we share.

really, fires make a family.